150 Million Instagrammers Use Stories Feature

on February 25, 2017 | Comments (0)

According to the Instagram Business Blog – there are now 150 million Instagram users who use the Stories feature.

In addition, Instagram recently achieved a large milestone –  reaching 600 million monthly active users. Whilst the Stories product isn’t even a year old, one quarter of the user base is making use of this new product.

The Instagram Stories feature allows users to post temporary photos and videos to their profile that disappear after 24 hours – much like the Snapchat Stories product which has been around for many years. While this may be a blatant copy by Facebook and Instagram, the sheer size of their audience means many people have taken up this new product.

The addition of this feature looks to have increased social media use overall, as many people are happy to post stories on both Instagram and Snapchat, particularly celebrities. Some people have speculated this feature may slowly take away use from Snapchat – but this doesn’t look to have occurred.

What do you think of the Instagram Stories feature?

Do you use it?