Instagram Changes Feed Algorithm From Latest Posts To Best Match

on June 8, 2016 | Comments (0)

new-ig-feedInstagram have announced that their new feed algorithm has been rolled out to the vast majority of users now.

Previously your Instagram feed would show the latest posts by people and accounts you follow – and many users preferred this.

However now Instagram have updated the algorithm so when you view your feed, the most important/ best match photos are shown to you.

If you click on a particular profile often, or like photos and videos from certain accounts more often – you are likely to see posts by these accounts at the top of your feed.

Instagram says this change has increased engagement on the site, however many people do prefer the old way of showing the latest posts.

You might consider this as some influence by Facebook, as they made this same change 2 years ago and many people at the time voiced their concerns¬†they didn’t want this.

Facebook didn’t back down and left your default feed preferences as Best Match, and it seems Instagram will do the same.

How do you prefer to view your Instagram feed – Best Match or Latest Posts?