Rumors – Video Coming To Instagram Very Soon

on June 18, 2013 | Comments (0)

instagram300There has been a lot of speculation today – mainly because Facebook is holding a special (private) press event on June 20.

What is to be discussed isn’t entirely sure yet, but there is rumor going around that the Facebook and Instagram teams will be adding video functionality to the Instagram app.

This will mean Instagram is to directly compete with short video service apps like Twitter’s Vine, and Keek.

It is unclear at this stage how long Instagram video can be. On Vine they can be a maximum of 6 seconds, whereas Keek allows up to 36 seconds. Maybe Instagram will find their sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

With the rise of smartphone user over the last 2 years, mobile internet consumption has exploded – users have shifted to more visual based content. Now telco providers around the world are providing fast 3G, 4G, and LTE speeds at affordable pricing, mobile video is exploding and the teams at Instagram and Facebook don’t want to miss out.

We will keep you updated with further info as we get it.

What do you think – Do you want to see video on Instagram and will you use it?