Instagram Update 3.5 Lets You Tags Friends, Brands and Other People In Your Photos

on May 2, 2013 | Comments (0)

newIG35Instagram has just announced via their blog that version 3.5 of their app is now available.

This is a major update as Instagram now gives you the functionality to tag other users (and yourself), very much like Facebook allows you to.

There is also a new tab on your profile that is dedicated to just showing the photos of you.

This will remain private (so you can test out the functionality) untill May 16.

Of course after that day you can decide not to show any photos if you prefer.

New Tab on Profile Page

Photos of You Page


You can click on the tool icon in the top right of the photo above to edit your tag settings.

Like Facebook, you can manually approve each tag you are in. If you approve the tag it will show on your Photos By You page. Otherwise you can let all tag automatically show on this page if you prefer.


Instagram have also put together this video showing off the new product:

This is a great update by Instagram and sure to increase the interaction across the site.

This will also give people news ways to interact with brands, and extends the life of your photos as they now may show on other peoples profile – when you are tagged with them.