This Girl Is The Face Of Instagram’s Spam Problem

on March 16, 2013 | Comments (11)

This lady is the profile picture on many spam Instagram accounts

This lady is the profile picture on many spam Instagram accounts

Unfortunately there is still a noticeable spam problem on Instagram that is annoying many users.

I have noticed fake accounts following me, marketing some ‘Instagram Palm Reader’. This is unfortunate as the profiles, comments, and photos on these accounts are total rubbish.

One thing we have noticed is the profile picture on many of these accounts is the lady you can see here.

Now I’m sure that this lady is not the spammer in question, just someone who unluckily got their profile picture taken from somewhere – and is now the face of the mass spam occurring on Instagram.

We hope Instagram is more aggressive with their tackling of spam soon as it seems this social network gets more noticeable spam than any of the others.

  • cmputrbluu

    The SPAM problem on Instagram seems to be getting worse and worse. I no longer get a jolt from seeing that I have a new follower because I know chances are that it is just a fake account. It’s a drag.

  • The spam problem on instagram is HUGE and gets worse by the day. I’m using an app called My Followers on Instagram and I check it once a day and can quickly block spammers who follow me and remove spam comments. But wake up instagram, do something!

  • Spencer

    Viva le Farcebook. Wonder how long until the whole thing dies and then is intergrated in the new farcebook app…

  • Mwiggins

    The spam is bad enough for me to participate in the April 15+16 logout protest. During the downtime, I’ve been investigating alternatives. I’m now moving pics to StreamZoo. Thanks Facebook- if not for your prolonged laziness, I would not have discovered this superior competitor!

  • rickiking

    Two months later (from this blog), and it still getting worse by the day. Does instagram generating revenue from these spams? It seems they’re not doing anything about this. They’re even deleting users comments complaining about the spam. It’s really frustrating.

    • allinstagram

      It is a shame. I’m still getting many spam followers every day. Even when you block them and report them – more and more keep coming!

      • franc

        Honest ,.. I stop taking care of it. Im notwilling anymore to delete those spamfollowers. I get now every minute 1 follower LOL

        Real bad is most of those look like xxx pushers, looks bad on our follower list. looks like a P–n site…

  • SethP

    Just in the past day, I’ve noticed a severe reduction in spam follows- anybody else? Hopefully it’s not just me, but an Instagram crackdown.

    For whatever reason, though, the few remaining bots adding me use this profile pic.

  • help me out

    I have 8870 Instagram accounts and 800 of those are spam accounts I’m getting almost 100 spam accounts in 30 mins

  • help me out

    Sorry I meant followers

  • James

    It is a very big problem, i sometimes get them liking my photos, but only one or two on a photo now, and sometimes i have a few of them follow me, so i just go on their profile and block them, i had to also disable the ‘photos of me’ because all i got was spam on that. People who are reading this, just block them when they follow you or like. And report them for spam, that’s all we can do. I feel that other social media sites are more ‘awake’ then instagram, which is odd because Facebook owns instagram now..