Twitter Updates Mobile Apps To Include Photo Filters – Now Directly Competes With Instagram

on December 12, 2012 | Comments (0)

Image via @instachan

Image via @instachan

Twitter has just made an update to their iOS and Android applications to now include 8 different photo filters, directly competing with Instagram.

The 8 different filters are as follows:

  • Vignette
  • Black and White
  • Warm
  • Cool
  • Vintage
  • Cinematic
  • Happy
  • Gritty

There is of course a ‘No Filter’ option which is the default when taking photos.

The functionality does look fairly good for Twitter’s first attempt at adding filters to their mobile clients, however the overall photo experience is still vastly different from that of Instagram’s.

It will be interesting to see if users take to this new functionality and how much use it gets.

The relationship between Twitter and Instagram has been through a number of changes lately, first Instagram removed Twitter card support – making photos not display 100% correctly inside Twitter (appearing somewhat cropped), then removing photo previewing all together from Twitter.

Only yesterday we saw Instagram roll out a significant update and redesign to their iOS app – version 3.5, including a number of new features and deeper integration with geo-location app Foursquare.