Instagram Disables Integration With Twitter Cards

on December 5, 2012 | Comments (0)

Image via @juliana_lewis

Many Twitter users noticed an issue yesterday where their photos posted via Instagram didn’t render 100% correctly.

Instagram is now cropping photos that are posted to Twitter, in an effort to redirect users back to the website where commenting and liking can occur.

Now that Instagram is owned by Facebook, there has been some tension recently between them and Twitter.

Twitter previously turned off the Find my Friends API feature for a number of social networks, including Instagram – but leaving it on for others like Foursquare.

Then we started to hear rumors Twitter was going to create their own camera app to compete directly with Instagram. It seems these rumors were correct as we are hearing further speculation that these filters will be added to Twitter mobile apps soon.

To top all this off, it seems Instagram now has more daily active mobile users in the US than Twitter.

There is obviously increasing tension between the 2 companies, and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said there will be further changes to the Twitter integration moving forward.

Many Instagram is giving Twitter back some of their own medicine. Apparently all these changes have been the decision or Mr Systrom, not influenced by Facebook.

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