Instagram To Release Official Web Viewer

on November 5, 2012 | Comments (5)

Image via @instagram

According to a recent blog post, Instagram is close to releasing their own official web based viewer so users can check out their Instagram feed from their PC.

Previously many users have been using 3rd party Instagram viewers such as WebStagram, Statigram, Gramfeed etc and these have served their purpose well.

This means all users will get their own Instagram URL which is simply

This will help individuals and brands further show off their Instagram feed and provide easy management via a PC.

Instagram have opened this feature up for a select number of accounts and you can see some examples of how the official web viewer looks on these accounts:

  • Hmmm… I wonder what the 3rd party viewers think about this! Not good for their businesses. And Instagram is going to have to do a lot of work if those examples are an indication. In fact, none of those examples are working (showing pix) even though I’m signed in. Hmmm….

  • David Cowling

    No doubt they have had a good ride, as all the 3rd party web viewers have a special agreement with Instagram to use the API so heavily.

    But I’m sure they knew sooner or later Instagram would come up with their own offering.

    All the examples above are working for me and the layout is somewhat similar to Statigram (my favorite for the simple layout).

  • Aha… changed browsers to FF and now working. Yeah, I guess you’re right about it being a matter of time. This happened with Twitter and Twitpic, too, didn’t it? I use Statigram sometimes but more often ink361. Thanks for posting this news, David.

  • Just got on my (PhoozL’s actually) Instagram Web Profile, but based on the discussion below I’m missing something here… like: Where’s the feed with followers images? Where’s the Albums function? Where are hashtags? It just looks like a giant profile page but where’s the interaction? (or maybe those things have not propagated yet?)