The Worst Type of Instagrammers

on October 22, 2012 | Comments (3)

Image via @afshanh

After (obsessively) using Instagram for some time now, I’ve developed a few pet peeves in the behavior of my fellow users.

We’ve already shared a couple of our interviews with popular users – and how they got to that point – so now it’s time to take a look at why some accounts never take off:

  • Pixelated images
  • Too many hashtags
  • Too many posts (for me that is in excess of 3 a day)
  • People who ask for shout-outs
  • People who only interact with people they know
  • Private pages (I think they defeat the purpose of Instagram)
  • People who rarely post
  • People who never post original content
  • People who follow you but have private pages (creepy)
  • Spammers & trolls
  • People who follow 100 people who post the same images e.g.. thinspiration, generic fashion pictures, One Direction & Beiber fanatics (open up your Instagram world!)
  • People who don’t follow back their own friends
  • People who rarely ‘like’ photos
  • People who post 5 photos in a row of the same lunch/ party/ picnic etc.

Ok maybe I’m getting a bit petty but in my opinion, Instagram is a great tool to explore every corner of the earth and get a glimpse of daily lives, styles, tastes & landscapes entirely different from your own. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to begin interacting with people from all over the planet who share similar interests to you. So who do I think are the best type of Instagrammers?

  • People who interact with other users- ask questions and answer them too!
  • Accounts which have some kind of theme, even if it’s only a particular colour scheme or mood
  • People who post quality pictures
  • People who post original content or at least mix it up!
  • People who ‘like’ back even if only occasionally
  • In fact- people who are generous with their ‘likes’!
  • And finally, users who really explore Instagram by searching random hashtags and taking a peek at the accounts of users who follow or ‘like’ their posts.

What are your thoughts?

  • David Cowling

    Great article Justine and breaking down all the types of users who sometime ‘annoy’ us. Especially agree with – People who post 5 photos in a row of the same lunch/ party/ picnic etc.

    Instagram generally has such quality photography – let’s keep it that way!

  • Jinnkies

    Instagram used to be a beautiful, magical place but we’ll never get that back. The people who came to Instagram recently have no idea that we used to be able to tap the explore tab and see beautiful, brilliant, inspired images on the popular page – images that really made your day – not vacuous celebs and other narcissism, or images simply grabbed from Pinterest.
    I share your list of annoyances but disagree on one point: I think people have a right to keep their images private. Have you seen what pedophiles do with stolen instagrams of people’s children? I have, when I had a pedophile following me, his settings set to public for anyone to see that where his interests lay – very graphic (and reported to both police and Instagram).
    Still, people with private feeds could simply introduce themselves when following someone new, so it’s not a creepy follow.

  • Jinnkies

    Oh, and I’d add misuse of hashtags. #typography used to be one of my favourite hashtags to browse then suddenly it was all selfies and other irrelevant images unrelated to typography. #iphonesia used to offer a wonderful view in Asia via its instagramers, now just hijacked. There are even people hashtagging #tweegram when they’re not even using the app. Not to mention the people who use hashtag generators! Oh, you shouldn’t have got me started : )