The Worst Type of Instagrammers

on October 22, 2012 | Comments (3)

Image via @afshanh

After (obsessively) using Instagram for some time now, I’ve developed a few pet peeves in the behavior of my fellow users.

We’ve already shared a couple of our interviews with popular users – and how they got to that point – so now it’s time to take a look at why some accounts never take off:

  • Pixelated images
  • Too many hashtags
  • Too many posts (for me that is in excess of 3 a day)
  • People who ask for shout-outs
  • People who only interact with people they know
  • Private pages (I think they defeat the purpose of Instagram)
  • People who rarely post
  • People who never post original content
  • People who follow you but have private pages (creepy)
  • Spammers & trolls
  • People who follow 100 people who post the same images e.g.. thinspiration, generic fashion pictures, One Direction & Beiber fanatics (open up your Instagram world!)
  • People who don’t follow back their own friends
  • People who rarely ‘like’ photos
  • People who post 5 photos in a row of the same lunch/ party/ picnic etc.

Ok maybe I’m getting a bit petty but in my opinion, Instagram is a great tool to explore every corner of the earth and get a glimpse of daily lives, styles, tastes & landscapes entirely different from your own. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to begin interacting with people from all over the planet who share similar interests to you. So who do I think are the best type of Instagrammers?

  • People who interact with other users- ask questions and answer them too!
  • Accounts which have some kind of theme, even if it’s only a particular colour scheme or mood
  • People who post quality pictures
  • People who post original content or at least mix it up!
  • People who ‘like’ back even if only occasionally
  • In fact- people who are generous with their ‘likes’!
  • And finally, users who really explore Instagram by searching random hashtags and taking a peek at the accounts of users who follow or ‘like’ their posts.

What are your thoughts?