Instagram Now Has More Daily Mobile Users In The US Than Twitter

on September 27, 2012 | Comments (0)

Image via @instachan

According to a new mobile measurement report by Comscore, not yet released to the public – Instagram has now overtaken Twitter in the number of daily US mobile visitors using each service. In August 2012, Instagram averaged 7.3 million daily active users (DAUs), whereas Twitter managed 6.9 million DAUs.

In terms of user engagement, Instagram saw users spending on average 257 minutes  accessing the app over the month – whereas Twitter users spent 170 minutes.

However on a monthly basis, Twitter has 29 million unique US smartphone based visitors, whereas Instagram has 22 million US smartphone visitors – out of a total 110 million US smartphone users. Instagram is still experiencing growth whereas Twitter has flattened out. It will be interesting to watch the changes over the coming months.

Considering Facebook snagged Instagram for around $1 billion USD, and user metrics are on par with Twitter and in some cases, better – this was truely a great purchase by Facebook.