Google Buys Instagram Competitor Snapspeed

on September 18, 2012 | Comments (0)

Image via @irezasharifi

Google has agreed to purchase a German software company, Nik Software who have created the Snapspeed iOS application. This application has the ability to edit photos on mobile devices, add a number of filters to photos, and then sharing via several social networks.

Vic Gundotra, Google’s Senior Vice President for Engineering told everyone about this acquisition through a Google+ status update. It has been further revealed that Snapspeed has over 9 million members which is quite some feat for an application at US$4.99.

With Facebook’s purchase of Instagram and this deal being closed and finalized, Google obviously felt that Facebook had a serious edge in photos and this may be their reply to entice more photos on Google+ and photographers to join the network. We will no doubt see Snapspeed functionality added to the Google Plus social network.

Snapseed is a quality iOS application and won Apple’s “iPad App Of The Year” award in 2011 for its detailed photo editing capabilities.

For some time I’ve believed that we will never see Instagram integrate with Google+ and this is obviously a big blow for Google. Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular mobile photo application in the world and with no link to Google+ this will continually stunt their growth, especially from photographers and Instagram users who like posting their photos to various different social networking sites.