Free Apps To Take Your Instagram Photos To The Next Level

on September 5, 2012 | Comments (0)

Instagram already has a number of filters for it’s users, however many 3rd party iOS apps have been designed with new filters – creating a trend for users to further transform photos in other apps before uploading them to Instagram.

3 applications that are worth checking out are: Camera Awesome, BeFunky, Vintage Camera. All of these apps are available free on iOS devices from the AppStore.

My favorite is BeFunky. I took a photo of a Rolls Royce and you can see this neat  greyed out effect with thick outline:

David Cowling /

If you are looking for a paid app that really can transform your photos into brilliant colors and filters, check out Deluxe FX. For only 99cents this is well worth the money to give your photos a unique look.