Stuff Instagramers Say [VIDEO]

on September 4, 2012 | Comments (0)

We came across this Instagram parody video, and whilst this is a satire production about the daily life of an Instagrammer – some of the comments and themes were all too familiar.

– Do you still use hashtags to get likes?

– Do you spend 5 minutes trying to get the perfect IG photo?

– If you post a new photo and don’t have new likes within 1 minute, do you get agitated?

– Do you create your own hashtags and try get other users to join you?

– Have you ever got your photo on the popular page?

– Do you use the Kik Text Messenger that so many Instagram users seem to have?

Maybe some of us take using Instagram a little too seriously – we can’t help it, our social media addiction is being satisfied.
Here is the video: