Will Twitter Create Their Own Camera Application To Compete With Instagram?

on August 30, 2012 | Comments (0)

Image via @networkme

We have seen recently Instagram cut off from the Twitter API. It has been speculated that when Facebook purchased Instagram, Jack Dorsey was also trying to buy Twitter, but failed, and is a little bitter after the whole incident.

This seems baffling especially as Dorsey was an investor in Instagram, but somehow let the company slip into Facebook’s hands. After all this drama, Dorsey no longer uses Instagram – once an avid user, he suddenly stopped using it after Facebook’s purchase.

Will it now suit Twitter to create their own photo application to compete with Instagram? Will Twitter uses want and consume more photos in their feed?

Twitter already has a significant relationship with Photobucket for their image hosting, maybe this can be extended and native filters added to the iOS and Android Twitter clients so they can start competing with Instagram.

Do you think we will see Twitter compete with Instagram?