Weekend Hashtag Project

on August 26, 2012 | Comments (0)

Weekend Hashtag Project: #middleoftheroad via @reynhornwood

The Weekend Hashtag Project is a photo contest organised by the Instagram Community Team via their blog.

On a Friday, Instagram staff will post a new blog entry telling other Instagram followers to take some photos over the weekend period of a particular theme and hashtag. Previous include: #middleoftheroad #reflective #flyflyaway #handmadeletters and so on.

Users who post great photos can win a chance to have their content featured on the Instagram Blog. Jessica Zollman at Instagram Community Support organises all the Hashtag Projects and also posts details of the next project on her profile – @jayzombie.

For the weekend of 25/26 August, the weekend hashtag was #WHPgoldenhour (photos here) and a winner should be announced on Monday.