Facebook’s new iPhone app feels remarkably like Instagram

on August 26, 2012 | Comments (0)

Facebook has announced that their iPhone and iPad applications (Version 5.0) have had a complete overhaul, being rebuilt from the ground up by the Facebook Mobile Team.

Reports from Facebook have the application twice as fast as the previous version, pictures load much quicker, and the notification tray loads correctly when you open the app – a common bug experienced by many users previously.

Once you try the updated version, you quickly notice scrolling through your news feed is much faster, seamless, and feels very much like the Instagram application. This is a good thing, it seems like Facebook’s iPhone app is finally at the level it should be.

So that brings up the question – did the Instagram team and Kevin Systrom lend a hand and optimise this app for Mark Zuckerberg and team. We certainly think so.