Instagram reaches 85 Million Users, 6 new Members Per Second

on August 22, 2012 | Comments (0)

According to Kevin Systrom in a recent interview on Forbes, Instagram has now reached 85 million users around the world, with on average 6 new signups per second.

In terms of social networking websites and applications, this puts Instagram in the hypergrowth stage as we still see strong user registration. Over the last year we have seen other social networks and applications such as Pinterest, Viddy and Socialcam accelerate into the hypergrowth stage – adding new users at a furious rate, where as networks like Google Plus and despite the serious push across all Google properties, is still lacking the user engagement and community to create a truly successful social network.

Whilst Facebook has helped Instagram attract new users by more prominent newsfeed integration, there is no doubt that app has a very strong natural growth rate.

We will keep you update as Instagram reaches new user milestones.